For the implementation of the numerous programmes and activities outlined, the Parliament of Ghana has been allocated the sum of One Billion, Twenty-Two Million, Four Hundred and Eighty-Two Thousand, Eight Hundred and Three Ghana Cedis (GH¢1,022,482, 803) for the 2024 financial year.

Moving the motion for the approval. The Minister of Parliamentary Affair, and Chairman of the Special Budget Committee in parliament, Osei Keyi-Mensah-Bonso noted that, for the 2024 Financial Year, Parliament has planned to continue the implementation of the ongoing programmes aimed at improving the deliberative, information-dissemination, legislative, financial control, oversight and representational functions of the House and also promote service delivery by the Parliamentary Service to Support the work of Parliament.

To this end, Parliament will continue to pursue the implementation of the Medium – Term Strategic Objectives as specified in the Parliament Strategic Plan (2024-2027) as outlined in its Mission Statement attached to the report.
The Committee noted that as part of the capital expenditure programmed for 2024, the Parliamentary Service will procure and distribute 600 pieces of laptops for distribution to Members, Senior Staff and Clerks of the Parliamentary Service. This they said, it aimed at facilitating the work of the House and deepening the digitalisation agenda of Parliament.
The house, come 2024 will continue recruitment of Administrative and Research Officers to support Members in their work and requests the Clerk to speed up the processes to ensure that Members have the full complements of their offices. The Committee was informed that, indeed, adequate provisions were made in the 2023 Budget of Parliament for Members to recruit Research and Administrative Officers of their choice through the Parliamentary Service. However, the recruitment processes of these Officers must also conform to the requirements of the Public Service.

On the issue of beefing up Security in Parliament and for the MPs, The Committee commended the Speaker and the Leadership of Parliament for the continuous efforts in improving the security situations but the committee however, believed that the security situation in Parliament and for Members of Parliament is still at the level of insufficiency and fragility. The Committee accordingly urged the Speaker and the Leadership to allocate more resources in improving the security situation in the precincts of Parliament, and for Members of Parliament in particular.

The Committee was informed that the Parliamentary Service has established a Department of Facilities Management to help ensure the proper maintenance of facilities of the House, including the places of convenience. Whilst welcoming the establishment of the Department, the Committee encouraged the Department to intensify the supervision of janitorial services provided within the precincts of Parliament and to ensure the consistent cleaning and supply of the basic items needed for the place.

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