The Western Region Parliamentary caucus has called on parliament to set up a parliamentary inquiry into the activities of Future Global Resources (FGR), a gold mining company that alleged to have taken over the Bogoso-Prestea Mines in the region.

According to the caucus, the FGR taken of such a major mining company in the country has brought series of problems in the area, hence the need for   the parliamentary intervention.

At a press conference addressed by the Member of Parliament for Prestea Huni-Valley, Hon Robert Wisdom Cudjoe the caucus said the new government has not invested any financial resources into the company but has taken over management.

The MP said he has received a number of petitions from stakeholders of the company and realized the FGR taken over process was done without the knowledge of the traditional authority within the enclave of the mining concessionary zone.

This, he said, triggered several problems which do not only put the workers’ health at risk but have also put the company, which been in existence since 1925, into bankrupt.

I want to stand by the Traditional Chiefs and the Workers of Bogoso-Prestea Mines to call on you and the House to set up a Committee to investigate the takeover or purchase agreement FGR.

“After a careful analysis of the petitions and the outcome of the stakeholder’s meeting, the significant issues are summarized as follows. That the traditional authorities were not privy to the takeover or the purchase agreements. It has been observed that FGR did not pay a dollar for the takeover, has not injected any capital into the business.”

Further, he said, “FGR has increased the indebtedness from $30 million to $90 million over the three-year period. FGR has drastically reduced the workforce through a series of redundancies. FGR is unable to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility, which has seriously affected the infrastructure development of the catchment communities. The  FGR could not provide basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and workers have to provide for themselves.

“I also discovered that, the FGR lack of adequate critical tools and parts for work. For example, about four months now the plant department has no crusher, so operators use manual means with hammers to break boulders on conveyed belts.  Workers operating underground have no means of movement, so walk for five km from level 17 to the end of work.( These pose security threat and safety risks to workers.

“The FGR also owes all the critical entities within the business chain which includes Ghana Revenue Authority, Gridco, local contractors that provide essential services such as security, haulage, catering and fuel supply.( Power supply had been disconnected for almost a week now. (This has impacted negatively on the local businesses and non-payments of the security services poses a great threat to the workers and the company, it allows unrestricted entry at all points which had led to three robbery incidents that always targeted at the gold room since FGR took over, “Hon Cudjoe added.


The Bogoso-Prestea Mines was established in 1925 with the sole aim of leveraging the mineral resources of the area for the benefit of the people in particular and Ghana as a whole.

The Company has one of the largest gold mines concession covering about 85 km land size and operated for decades with significant development and has changed hands under different companies and managements.

However, after a supposed takeover of the company by Future Global Resources (FGR) from Golden Star Bogoso –Prestea in 2020, the company is witnessing serious problems that, I must say, needed this house intervention.




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