Churches of Assemblies of God, Ghana throughout the country will undertake a weeklong fasting and praying from 8th January to 14th January, 2024. This will be followed by a National Prayer Convention to seek divine intervention for Ghana as she prepares to go to the polls on 7th December this year.

The General Superintendent of Assemblies of Ghana, Rev Dr Stephen Wengam announced in New Year message to the nation.

Under the theme: “Send the Light”, he said Assemblies of God will embark on an “aggressive membership growth and church planting this year.” Every local church is expected to plant, at least, one church. In addition, all departmental retreats and camp meetings, including Easter and Christmas conventions will focus on soul winning.

Rev Wengam said in 2023, Assemblies of Ghana established 100 churches, “But this figure is on the low side, hence the need for the aggressive church planting to shift the paradigm and change the narrative “

Rev Wengam said, “If politicians can tirelessly comb every home, hamlet, island, village, town and city to campaign for votes, then Christians who are empowered by the Holy Spirit can win more precious souls for Christ.” Rev Wengam added that he will be in the forefront to “send the light to every nook and cranny in the country.”

The General Superintendent disclosed that later this year, leadership will hold a meeting with high profile Assemblies of God members such as politicians, civil and public servants, and lawyers to discuss their contributions to the national cause.

He said 18 committees were inaugurated last year to help realize the Transformation Agenda of the church, and the construction of a Centenary City Project to mark 100 years in existence of Assemblies of God, Ghana. Other are Legacy Temple Committee to promote the construction of temples, and Missions Samaritan Fund to aid pastors in the rural areas and deprived communities who do not earn decent salaries.

The General Superintendent announced that Ghana will this year host an executive meeting of the Assemblies of God World Fellowship. Ghana has also been chosen, for the first time in Africa, as venue for the World Congress of Assemblies of God churches.

Currently, Rev Wengam serves as Vice Chairman of the Africa Assemblies of God Alliance and Board Member of the Church Health Committee of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship.

Rev Wengam preaching a sermon at the ceremony.

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