We, the Fourteen Assembly Members – Elect of the La Nkwantanang – Madina Municipal Assembly would like to distance ourselves from a publication made by an online news portal ‘Soiree News’ with the caption “Disregard Mischievous Agenda and Personal Vendetta against Francis-Xavier Sosu –14 Assembly Members in Madina Fire Back”.

The Soiree News Portal (SNP) authored the aforementioned article  on 1/1/2024 around 14:01 and subsequently updated  its news on 3/1/2024 around 12:15 which states amongst others that some Assembly Members were interviewed with regards to a publication on logistics they received from the Office of the  Member of Parliament of Madina Constituency, Hon Francis-Xavier Sosu prior to the District  Assembly Elections and they (the  Assembly Members) alluded that an earlier publication by the same SNP where Members complained of neglect by the Hon. Sosu was fueled by the Assembly Member – Elect of kweiman/Ayimensah, Hon.  Peter Kudzo Geh.

The claim by the newsportal should be treated with the greatest contempt it deserves.

The  news portal  pontificated that Hon. Peter  is an ardent critic of the MP and trying to link their stance with the article to create disaffection and fuel tension amongst us, the Elected Assemblymen, should be disregarded by all our constituents and comrades as well.


The publication sought to accuse Hon. Peter Kudzo Geh of harbouring personal hatred against the MP of which we vehemently disagree, with the responses below:

  1. That Assembly Members who spoke to SNP never alluded to what is being attributed to Hon. Peter Kudzo Geh and at no material time did any Assembly Member accuse Hon. Peter Geh of the baseless allegations carried by soireenews portal.
  2. That two separate phone calls were placed to the editor of SNP with two different outcomes. In one breadth, the editor said he spoke to Twelve (12) Assembly Members and in another breadth the editor claimed to have spoken to Eight (8) Assembly Members. Clearly, the goal post keeps shifting.
  3. That the editor of soiréenews has admitted that he failed basic journalism requirement of requesting a response from Hon. Peter Kudzo Geh before proceeding to make the story. This is against natural law of listening to an accused party that is if the allegation is even true.
  4. That it has become apparent that the editor of SNP is hell-bent on pitching Assembly Members against each other thereby creating division and acrimony amongst Members.
  5. That Honourable Assembly Members states emphatically without any equivocation that the earlier story and the current one carried by SNP are spurious, false, and discriminatory.
  6. That the editor of SNP is suspected to be working with some disgruntled party members whose goal is to forment trouble and create divisions amongst members.
  7. That we humbly, request that members of our party treat the aforementioned story with the contempt it deserves. Certainly, it is from the figment of imagination of the editor of SNP who does not portend well for our constituency.
  8. That Hon. Assembly Members will rather provide a platform that will seek to mend fences in our forward march as a party and not allow ourselves to be used by an unfortunate ‘soireenews’ which has no integrity and credibility as an online publication entity.
  9. That we demand for swift retraction and unqualified apology by soireenews for peddling falsehood and the seeming attempt to create division amongst Assembly Members.
  10. That by this rejoinder, we are reemphasizing that the 15 Assembly Members are resolute and will stand shoulder to shoulder in our forward march as a party in the 2024 Presidential & Parliamentary Elections. Thank you


Assembly Member-Elect

Tatanaa South Electoral Area Hon Abdul-Jalil Yakubu

Assembly Member-Elect

Social welfare south Electoral Area

Hon. Michael Asare McDonald

Assembly Member Elect

Nkwantananag East

Hon. Nathaniel Adansi (Jnr)

Assembly Member Elect

Social Welfare North Electoral Area

Hon. Joseph Kodzo Ahianyor

Assembly Member Elect

Oyarifa Electoral Area

John Okpoti Mensah

Assembly Member Elect

Okataban Electoral Area

Alex Sarpong

Assembly Member Elect

Pantang Electoral Area

Alex Adjei Obedekah

Assembly Member Elect

Danfa Electoral Area

Charles Kotei Tsuishitoo

Assembly Member Elect Nkwantanang West Electoral  Area

Hon. Abraham Nii Odai


Assembly Memeber Elect

Adenta West Electoral Area

Hon Halid Wahab

Hon. Hanson Tei Madjitey-Gizo

Assembly Member Elect

Tatanaa North Electoral Area

Assembly Member Elect

North Legon Electoral Area

Hon. Tetteh Daniel

Assembly Member Elect

Teiman Electoral Area

Hon. Daniel Kweku Owusu

Ibrahim Abdul-Razak (Cisse)

Assembly Member Elect

Madina-West Eectoral Area

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