Parliamentary Network Africa (P Africa) has renewed its called on Parliament to elect 8th Parliament Speaker in 2021.

In a press statement, PNAfrica said it has been three years of their petition for probe on the incident but nothing has been heard of.

The Full Statement Below

On the third anniversary of the regrettable events that marred the Speaker’s election on January 7, 2021, Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) expresses deep disappointment over the lack of official acknowledgment and action on the 2-paged petition submitted to the office of the Speaker of Parliament.

On January 13, 2021, PNAfrica submitted a petition, with copies sent to the Leaders of both sides of the House and the Clerk to Parliament, requesting an investigation into the disturbances that characterized the Speaker’s election. The petition called for a probe into the violent behavior of some Members-Elect, the presence of ‘Strangers’ in the Chamber, and the role of Parliamentary Service officials responsible for maintaining order.
Despite the gravity of the issue and the collective condemnation received both domestically and internationally, the petition has neither been officially acknowledged nor have the prayers contained in the petition been taken up. PNAfrica emphasizes the urgency of addressing this matter to salvage the impairing image and confidence of the public in Parliament.
The petition specifically recommended immediate actions to address the following:
• The general violent behavior of some Members and their actions affecting the election process.
• The presence of ‘Strangers’ in the hallowed Chamber of Parliament.
• The role of official(s) of the Parliamentary Service mandated to ensure order during the period.
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PNAfrica believes that a thorough inquiry into these issues will not only bring justice but will also contribute to the improvement and strengthening of the institution of Parliament and its Departments in the discharge of their duties.

As we celebrate Constitutional Day, we respectfully remind the Rt. Hon. Speaker of his expressed “deepest regret” and acknowledgment of the breaches of the sanctity of a vote during the election of the Speaker of the 8th Parliament. The absence of justification or reasonable excuse for not initiating a probe or providing regular updates to the public is worrying.
Considering that we are in an electioneering year, the need to take action on our petition is very urgent to ensure that a similar situation does not occur next year during the election of the Speaker of the Ninth Parliament.
PNAfrica considers this a priority advocacy issue and calls on all Ghanaians, civil society organizations, and the media to keep the issue activated until a credible closure is brought to it. We firmly believe that only through transparent and accountable actions can the wounds of the past be healed and the integrity of Parliament be restored.

Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) is a parliamentary monitoring civil society organization working across Africa to promote Open Parliaments.

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