The BBC Africa Eye  on  Monday January 8, released a three-episode documentary relaying eyewitnesses’ accounts of rape, torture, and forced abortions allegedly committed by TB Joshua, SCOAN’s founder.

The cleric died on June 5, 2021, aged 57.

In the documentary, some former members of the church narrated how TB Joshua allegedly raped, tortured and forced them to carry out abortions inside the church located in the Ikotun area of Lagos state.

Busola, one of the “ex-disciples” of TB Joshua, narrated how the cleric asked her to recruit “virgin girls” into the church’s discipleship class.

Many of the ex-church members who featured in the documentary narrated how the cleric manipulated them into doing his bidding.


In a statement released on Monday, Dare Adejumo, public affairs director of the church, said the documentary cannot “rubbish the indelible footprints of TB Joshua’s legacies”.

Adejumo wondered why the wife of TB Joshua did not know about the experiences narrated in the documentary.

“Only BBC can best explain why it woefully deviated from true journalism and chose to be dishing junks and feeding the public with stones called bread by its offensive and disenchanted reports of disgruntled elements,” the church was quoted as saying by NAN.

“This, to say the least, is insulting to our professional and public intelligence. One thing is very obvious, hundreds of BBC charades cannot rubbish the indelible footprints of TB Joshua’s legacies on earth again.

“There are thousands of real human beings who had received dumbfounding miracles and tremendously benefited from the anointing and grace the Lord endued with His servant while on earth that could not be disputed… that are lining up and responding angrily to this imperialist broadcasting station.

“Myriads of broken homes reconciled by TB Joshua are also crying foul of BBC’s broadcast of iniquity.

“Uncountable hopeless children drawn from different parts of the world; some brought by their parents while some were picked from drug joints or brothels, who have gotten their destinies restored, are also pissed off by the offensive reports.

“But did you think any wife at all could be seeing and watching all these nonsensical and annoying scenarios you painted for decades and still kept silent?

“This is illogical, irritating, incomprehensible, unfathomable, satanically dubious and malicious.”

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