Concern Assembly members within the Prestea community of the Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality have called on the government and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to abandoned plans to shut down Bogoso Prestea Mines.

According to the Assembly members, the plans to shut down the company would not be in the interest of the people of Prestea and the nation as a whole.

The company is currently facing multiple problems after the takeover by Future Gold Resources (FGR), a private mining company.

In a press statement and copied to EXPRESSNEWSSGHAN, the Assembly members alleged, FGR takeover was done in secrecy without the knowledge of stakeholders of the company.

The FGR, they added also failed to inject financial resources to boost the Bogoso Prestea Mines but only interested in the proceeds of the effort by workers.

Below is the Full Press Statement

Dated: 13th January 2024
We the concerned Assembly Members elect of Prestea are reliably informed that top government officials together with the top hierarchy of FGR Bogoso Prestea Mine are planning a meeting aimed at announcing and subsequently putting FGR Bogoso Prestea Mine under care and maintenance while they mine the tailings available in Bogoso.
We wish to inform the government that we are not in support of the decision to put FGR Bogoso Prestea Mine under care and maintenance and that the government should rescind its decision if there is such a move.
We site the following reasons, among others, as why we have taken this stand.
1. The change over from Golden star Bogoso / Prestea to future Global Resources was fishy, which the government was aware from unset. No funds were injected from FGR.
2. Many investors who had shown keen interest in the whole mines, both surface and underground, were not given the opportunity.
3. Under the watch of the government, the mine receives little or no money from the gold that has been extracted and sold by FGR.
4. The Management of FGR have not been truthful to the various stakeholders; traditional leaders, workers, suppliers, etc,
5. FGR have not respected traditional authorities in our community.
Below are the effects the closure of the mine will bring upon the community:
1 It will bring economic hardship to the good people of Prestea.
2 Lack of development and employment for the people of Prestea.
We affirm that failure to rescind such a decision wilt incur the displeasure and anger of the Prestea Bogoso Community and we will use any available means possible to fight putting the mine under care and maintenance,
We call on all the good people of Bogoso Prestea to rise up and join the fight against the decision to close down the mine.

Secretary (Concerned Assemblymen of Prestea)
Cc: All Media Houses


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