A group identifying itself as Concerned Muslim Youths has accused Bel Beverages, the producers of Bel Aqua bottled water and various beverages, including Bel Ice—an alcoholic beverage, of using the same product line to produce both alcohol and non-alcoholic products.

Alhaji Shamuna Baako, speaking at the National Mosque, expressed the group’s dissatisfaction with Bel Beverages’ alleged practice of mixing alcohol with non-alcoholic products, saying it might be forced to take action against the company.

At a press conference held at the National Mosque on Friday 26th January 2024, the Muslim Youths claim to possess credible information from an undisclosed source suggesting that the company employs the same production line for both Bel Aqua and other beverages, notably Bel Ice, which contains alcohol.

Citing Chapter 5 of the Quran, the group argues that the simultaneous production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks using the same production line contradicts their religious beliefs, as Islam prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

Consequently, they are urging Bel Beverages to segregate the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Furthermore, the Muslim Youths assert that Bel Beverages engages children under the age of 18 to promote Bel Ice on Instagram and TikTok.

Beyond religious concerns, they argue that this practice violates the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 28 of the 1992 Constitution.

The Concerned Muslim Youths are calling upon regulatory bodies, including the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), to promptly investigate the claims and take appropriate action if the company is found culpable. They emphasize the urgency of addressing this matter.

The group has issued a warning, stating that if corrective measures are not taken, they will be compelled to advise the entire Muslim community that Bel products are deemed ‘haram’ (forbidden) and harmful, contrary to the principles of Islam.

It is worth noting that Samuel Bempong, a concerned citizen, recently submitted a petition to the FDA and the Ministry of Gender, urging an investigation into Bel Beverages for allegedly using minors to promote Bel Ice on social media.


Source: Theheraldghana.com

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