National Communication Officer of the NDC, Sammy Gyamfi Esq, University don, Prof. Ransford Gyampo and many Ghanaians have roasted IMANI-AFRICA’s senior Vice-President, Kofi Bentil, for calling on Ghanaians to try Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia too by electing him to become President of Ghana in the general election coming on later this year.

After years of trying unsuccessfully to be elected President of Ghana, current President, Mr. Akufo-Addo, in the run-up to the 2016 election, pleaded with Ghanaians to try him and Bawumia. Ghanaians heeded his plea and elected him and Bawumia to become President and Vice-President. Their leadership, characterized by corruption, greed, nepotism, high cost of living, high unemployment rate, collapse of industries and companies, skyrocketing price of commodities including fuel, collapsed infrastructure, falling educational standard and a nation ridden with huge debts which it cannot defray has marked out the duo as the worst President and Vice-President Ghana has ever had. It is in the wake of these that many find the call by Kofi Bentil, in a post on his facebook page (ahead of a lecture by Dr. Bawumia tomorrow) for Ghanaians to give the Veep too a chance , weird.
In a simple response on his facebook page, Prof. Gyampo says Kofi Bentil’s strategy in trying to woo support for Bawumia is old-fashioned, wondering how he, who has been critical of the performance of the Akufo-Addo/ Bawumia government, would turn around to call on Ghanaians to give Bawumia of all people a chance to be President too.
“Dear Sir, you cannot be one of the loudest critics of this regime and suddenly make the case for its remnants to be given hearing when things are growing from bad to worse. A smarter strategy could have been used. This one is outmoded at birth!”, the university don wrote.

Sammy Gyamfi Esq was no less charitable to the IMANI-AFRICA Vice-President. Taking to his own facebook page too, the NDC NCO rubbished Bentil’s call in an open letter addressed to him. The letter reads;

“Dear Kofi Bentil,
I just read your write-up calling on Ghanaians to give Bawumia a hearing, ahead of his needless and useless lecture, scheduled for 7th February.
For your information, Ghanaians gave Bawumia ample hearing in 2016, when he held countless lectures and fora, to propound lofty but deceptive economic rhetorics.
At each of those lectures, Bawumia diagnosed the challenges of Ghana’s economy and proceeded to fix our problems rhetorically. Ghanaians were so much in awe of Bawumia’s “charm” and “wizardry” that they trusted him to manage Ghana’s economy.
Need I remind you, that at a time when Bawumia as chairman of the Economic Management Team, has supervised the total destruction of the economy, what is required of him, is ACTION and not lectures? This is trite and you of all people should know that.
As for your claim that Bawumia has only been an advisor to the failed Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government, even President Akufo-Addo and Bawumia himself will disagree with you on that.
If that were so, why do you and other NPP surrogates continue to give Bawumia credit for the Agenda 111 initiative, the Drone delivery system, government’s so-called digitalization initiatives, among others?
Can you tell us why President Akufo-Addo in his 2018 SONA, lauded Bawumia’s “stellar leadership” of the Economic Management Team, and credited him for what he described as positive economic results at the time?
If the logic of your argument is to be accepted, then on what basis did Bawumia in opposition, pose 170 questions to then Vice President, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur?
What do you take Ghanaians for Mr. Bentil? Some zombies?
It is a fact that your new Boss Bawumia, is responsible for the unprecedented economic mess Ghanaians are currently faced with. No amount of political subterfuge can change this fact.
Accept this truth and spare yourself the ordeal of trying to whitewash a failed and discredited economic messiah, who has proven to be hopelessly empty and pathetically dishonest.
This agenda of yours is dead on arrival (“yaamutu”), try another one please.”

Below is what Kofi Bentil wrote on his facebook page which saw him being roasted by Prof. Gyampo, Sammy Gyamfi and many others;

“Every man deserves a fair hearing.We gave Prez Mahama a chance to be President, the least we can do is give Dr Bawumia a fair and objective hearing. He is not President, and has never been President! I have no doubt he will be better! The VP position in Ghana, apart from standing in when the president is away (and he can’t make any serious decisions), it is totally powerless! he is like an advisor! There’s a good reason Kwame Nkrumah refused to have a Vice President!Indeed the Minister of finance has more constitutional power than the VP in managing our finances and the EMT has zero power to effect its decisions. They advise the President who acts through his ministers!!!I trust VP Bawumia. Because he has been the best VP ever. Even under trying circumstances he has shown himself not corrupt and indeed has been effective in delivering some crucial transformations. I am entitled like everyone to my belief and choice and I believe he is a better choice. All the rest of us need to do, is give the man a fair hearing. Of course you’re entitled to your choice but you cheat yourself if you close your ears.”

The above call by the IMANI-AFRICA Vice-President was rubbished by right under his post, compelling him to come out with another one which reads;

“My earlier post elicited a lot of responses many say that they tried this government and it failed them. And so they won’t do another trial. The same people are advocating for someone who earlier failed and was rejected. It’s amazing they can’t see the huge contradiction. That position is illogical when they advocate for JM.You tried JM and Nana Addo and you claim They failed! DMB has not been tried and he has not failed as President!! So that logic falls flat. By the trial logic. The person left is DMB. If you are Not to return to the certified proven failure then Only DMB is qualified.
I am simply saying. Give the man a fair hearing. He is not Nana Addo.And he has been the best VP in Ghanas history. In life we move forward, don’t go back!! especially to what you tried and failed when you have a fresh choice. For me, Even if I will make a mistake I willMake it going forward not backward. Asalaam Aleikum. Shalom. Peace “

Apart from Prof, Ransford Gyampo and Sammy Gyamfi, others have also taken on Kofi Bentil, some right under his piece on his own facebook page.
Below are some of the responses;

Ernest Nyame Asiedu
We are not ready for another try me. We tried Akufu Addo and just look at our condition right now.
We need experience person to manage the economy for a better Ghana.

Kobby Blessed Manuel
Why? Is it a court case? Besides, when he was running his mouth in opposition as the economic wizkid, didn’t he know that he would not have the power to cause any change when in power?
Again, why is he taking credit for some so-called achievements of this government?

Edmund Opoku-Agyeman
“Bawumia is the best Veep ever” yet “Bawumia is a mere advisor who has not been tried yet”. Such contradiction!
Isn’t it trite knowledge that Bawumia’s political raison d’être was/is the management of the economy? At least that’s his boss’s reason for making him his running mate four times on the trot. Didn’t he speak the loudest on the economy while in opposition and earlier in government? Didn’t he bask in the plaudits of no less a personality than Osafo Marfo for ‘his fantastic hands-on leadership of the EMT’? Who was it who trumpeted most of those ‘fantastic’ promises of 2016 and continued way into his time as Veep? So why is he being absolved from the unprecedented, indeed historic economic meltdown of our lifetime whose consequences will take a generation to fully resolve?
In my opinion, a leader’s most important currency is integrity. He fails the trustworthiness in the face of the huge chasm between his promises and delivery. He’ll do and say anything just for the vote. How do you take seriously someone who promises to eliminate all water and toilet problems in every community in Ghana (this our Ghana) in two years?
Yes, Bawumia deserves a fair hearing. We also deserve to be guided by his abysmal record of unfulfilled promises and outright lies as a public figure. The man himself has taken Ghanaians beyond the point of being taken seriously. No amount of repackaging will wash!

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