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MP for Wa East Fixes Duccie Water Crisis

As part of his social intervention policies to improve living standard of his constituents, the Member of Parliament for Wa East, Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw has restored water to the Duccier Community within the Constituency.

The MP constructed a mini dam for the Community to make water accessible for animals during the dry season and other domestic use of water.

The Duccier community is one of the far to reach communities within the Wa East, where access to drinking water has been the biggest challenged.

Thankfully, the lawmaker upon appeal from the communities made the intervention, to end the acute water crisis that bedevilled the community for centuries.


The borehole was provided by the former MP for the constituency, Godfrey Bayon Tangu, sometime in the year 2000, to reduce the water problem in the community.

But the boreholes have broken down for years and have been abandoned by subsequent leaders, thereby resulted in the water crisis in Duccie.

Until Dr Jasaw intervention, the residents of Duccier which had made some people of now go through hell in accessing water for domestic and other uses.

The MP has made earlier intervention in order to restore clean drinking water to the community by repairing a broken solar water system that cost over Ghc60, 000.

The repair of the dam and the boreholes were done with a prior assessment by the MP office led by Alhaji Yakubu Salifu.

Two new boreholes were provided in addition to the repaired ones and the dam.

Dr Jasaw however assured the people of Duccier of his commitment to their needs and asked that they continue to give their support and prayers to deliver his duty as their representation in parliament.

The residents who were so elated by the MP intervention expressed their appreciation for fulfilling his promises to end the water crisis in the community during the 2020 election campaigns.

They assured the MP of their avowed loyalty to him, and assured they would also ensure good maintenance of the water facilities to serve the purpose.


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