The Member of Parliament (MP) for Chereponi, Abdul-Razak Tahidu has backed Dr. Bawumia vision on agriculture and other sector of the economy, describing it as “key to Food Security.”

According to him, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) flagbear vision policy when implemented would open up the country to productivity to boast the economy and reduce the cost of living.

Earlier this month, the Vice President and flagbear addressed members of his party at a Lecture, where he laid out a four-point vision on agriculture, housing, transportation and power to help reduce rising cost of living under his Presidency.

Speaking at his first major national address to outline his own vision and priorities for Ghana, Dr. Bawumia admitted the rising cost of living globally, including in Ghana, and identified the four key sectors affecting cost of living, which he prescribed “sustainable solutions” for by his government, if elected.

In particular, the Vice President said cost of living has been driven by increases in food prices, energy prices, housing (rents) and transport prices.

“We will also promote the use of agricultural lime to reduce the acidity of our soils, enhance soil fertility and get more yield from the application of fertilizers. Ghana has an abundance of limestone to do this. I will prioritise the construction of the Pwalugu Dam by using private sector financing to crowd-in grant financing.”

Hon Abdul-Razak Tahidu

“With reliable and cost-competitive power, we will attract more manufacturing capacity into the country, create more jobs, improve services, export more products, and support our AfCFTA strategy to improve the participation of Ghanaian industries in intra-Africa exports and trade.”

“To assist in the transition to green energy, there will be no import duty on solar energy,” “A major priority of my government will be to reduce the cost of living,” Dr. Bawumia declared.

This the Chereponi MP said, any attempt to reduce the cost of living on a sustainable basis must therefore tackle agriculture.

Hon Abdul-Raza believed a full-blown agriculture system in Ghana would go a long way to help to improve living standards.

He said a mechanised agriculture in the Northern part of the country would increase food production and by far extension make food cheaper.

“In Ghana, where we attain food security through the application of technology and irrigation to commercial large scale farming,” the Chereponi lawmaker added.



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