The Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) has demonstrated their outmost displeasure at the level of impunity perpetrated by the apartheid, colonial occupation Zionist Israel on Palestine.

It called on the United Nations to take bold decision on Israel, regarding its “genocidal conduct” against the people of Palestine.

Picking at the forecourt of the United Nations Office in Accra Ghana, Thursday 22nd February 2024, the Socialite Movement together with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) described the current happenings in the Middle East as an apartheid colonial occupation by Israel.

Mr. Blaise Tulo, the convener of the Socialist Movement of Ghana, addressing the media yesterday expressed his displeasure about how the United Nations ( UN ) is treating the matter when the International Court of Justice (ICU) had already ruled that there is possible humanitarian breaches on the part of Israel for over four months of war.

According to Mr. Tulo the United Nations ( UN ) should live up to its own standing principles against genocidal acts anywhere in the world.

He called on the UN to enforce its laws, resolutions and treaties which relates to Israel’s genocidal acts and crimes against humanity.

He further called on the UN to adopt punitive measures to prevent and suppress the act of genocide.

However, Mr. Tulo demanded a swift investigation into all war crimes against humanity carried out by Israeli perpetrators against Palestine.

Loreta Naa Ardey Ashie, a human rights and Gender advocate who is also a member of the Socialist Movement reminded the UN that, women and children are most affected in the on-going war between Israel and Palestine.

She then called on the world body to re-organize its structures to minimize system which gives undue preference to other nations against the dissenting majority.


Source: Deborah Dzivenu

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