In what can only be described as a worrying trend of omission, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo failed to address some crucial national issues of concerns in his last but one State of the Nation Address on February 27, 2024.

Member of Parliament for Wa Central, Dr Abdul-Rashid Hassan Pelpuo is worried as the President’s 31-page address conspicuously omitted key issues such as illegal mining activities known locally as “Galamsey” corruption, unemployment, flooding caused by the Akosombo and Kpong dams spillage.

“It is absolutely surprising that President Akufo-Addo, who assumed office with a strong anti-galamsey advocacy in 2017, and even put his presidency on the line to fight Galamsey, seems to have overlooked updating the nation on the progress his administration has made in tackling the menace,” he stated.

The MP told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, the President promises to ending galamsey was exemplified in July 2017 when he rallied traditional leaders, emphasizing the importance of citizens’ assistance in combating the environmental threat.

The President vowed to reclaim lands affected by galamsey activities for the sake of posterity, stressing the need for a “green country” and a “clean space”.

“We all know that we have been in difficult times and times like these there is a need to keep body and soul together. Every man has a duty to provide for the family and sometimes use every means possible. But there are things we can’t just allow to happen, and one of them is the abuse of our heritage, he said.

The President’s silence on galamsey during such a significant occasion as the State of the Nation Address is without doubt very worrying, especially considering the significant allocation of state resources that was put into the fight against illegal mining.

Dr Pelpuo said, the apparent lack of accountability and responsibility in addressing such critical issue is difficult to come to terms with.

It is important to state that illegal mining, particularly the use of heavy machinery such as excavators and bulldozers, has become a severe threat to Ghana’s ecosystems.

The impact on forests, farmlands, and water resources is devastating, with experts warning that primary forests in Ghana may disappear in a few years. Notably, cocoa production saw a drastic decline of 34% in said.

Pelpuo said, it was quite surprising in the President did not update the nation on the progress made so far. Issue while delivering the State of the Nation Address on Tuesday, they expect him to touch on the issue at least before he leaves office.

Additionally, he said that the President should be able to clarify why there appears to be no significant progress in the galamsey fight and possibly suggest measures that could be adopted to put the country on the edge in the fight.

He however expressed his intention to raise the issue in a statement on the floor of parliament.



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