As Ghana celebrates its 67th Independence Anniversary, the office of Frimpong Manso Institute, has called on Ghanaians, especially duty bearers to take steps to restore the country enviable values of patriotism.

According to the Institute, the values of the country had been eroded to the extreme and steps must be taken to revamp and revitalize the ideals of accountability and transparency.

In a press statement in salute of the gallant services men of the country, the Institute called for an “end to the rot and restore the values of patriotism, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, integrity, and hard work.”

The Full Statement


On the occasion of Ghana’s 67th independence anniversary, it is customary for the Frimpong-Manso Institute (FMI), a faith-based, apolitical, solutions-focused think-thank, to thank the Sovereign Lord for how far He has brought our dear nation.

We also salute the good people of Ghana, most especially our forebears, for their heroic fortitude and inestimable sacrifice which led to our political freedom from the British colonial masters.

After a period of appreciable strides, long bouts of political instability and military adventurism, Ghana, in the 1992 referendum, abandoned the bullet course and embraced the ballot box as means of choosing our leaders. Since then, we have held eight democratic elections, which have signalized our nation as a beacon of democratic accomplishment in Africa.

The Frimpong Manso Institute, however, cautions that we should not be intoxicated by this achievement, no matter how narcotic the feeling might be. Our caution is predicated on the fact that Ghana’s democracy is on the stilts, moneycracy on the rise, the economy is on the ropes, and our value systems, under siege. At 67, Ghana is deeply polarized along partisan lines, while greed and selfishness override the national interests. As a result, our moral centre is almost gone as we kill our water bodies with impunity and destroy the environment with carelessness.

The time has come for us to end the rot and restore the values of patriotism, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, integrity, and hard work.

We should also take concrete steps to address the disconnect between theory and practice, grow enough food for local consumption and export, add value to our natural resources, find home-grown solutions to our mounting challenges, and rekindle the fight for economic independence to insulate us from ugly external pressures.

Above all, we should infuse godliness in all dimensions of personal and national lives. This way, we can check unbridled corruption, hold credible elections, promote durable peace, guarantee democratic ascendancy, and enhance our national pride.

Issued by Frimpong-Manso Institute

Rev. COP Dr. David Ampah-Bennin (FMI Thematic Chair — Media, Security &


Dr. Affail Monney (FMI Fellow — Thematic Area, Media, Security & Cyber


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