The Member of Parliament for Kpandai in the Northern Region, Hon Daniel Nsala Wakpal has called on Parliament to take measures that would help improve the condition of MPs that retired or left office.

According to him, the poor conditions under which some former lawmakers are living is driving them to death.

He warned his colleagues to take a cue and prepare adequately for their exits from the chamber.

Hon Wakpal made this in a statement In a contribution to statements to pay tribute to the late former MP for Kpandai, Likpalimor Kwajo Tawiah .

The lawmaker charged his colleagues MPs to avoid the needless partisanship and build partnerships from the other side of the aisle to serve as security for tomorrow.

He later told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, that, the needs of the constituents are the contributing factors of which most of the MPs become poorer soon after exit from parliament.

“The needs of the constituents, you spend all your resources taking care of the needs of your constituents, even at the disadvantage of your family.”

“I can say that, most of the MPs are living on BP medication due to this to that and we must take measures to reduce this as soon as possible,” he added.

Mr Wakpal said nobody cares about MPs once they leave office, wondering why the state cannot cater for lawmakers after their service to the nation.

Hon Daniel Nsala Wakpal

Some members who contributed to the statement further warned MPs that they are only relevant to their constituents for as long as they are in office and thus must build buffers

A statement of tribute was also made for the late former MP for Ayawaso North, Dr. Mustapha Ahmed.



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