The Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, the Rt. Hon. Alban Bagbin, has urged the world to strengthen international cooperation at the international conference on parliamentary diplomacy.

Speaker made the call  at the 148th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), in Geneva, Switzerland.

Leading the Ghanaian delegation, Speaker Bagbin emphasized the importance of dialogue and collaboration in addressing pressing global challenges. “The 21st century presents a multitude of complex issues threatening global peace and security,” stated Bagbin, pointing to ongoing conflicts, rising extremism, and economic disparities as some of the most concerning issues.

He highlighted parliamentary diplomacy as a beacon of hope, offering a pathway towards building bridges for peace and understanding. The Speaker reiterated the need for a comprehensive and collaborative approach that engages all stakeholders, including parliamentarians, to promote peaceful conflict resolution. “No country can singlehandedly address global issues,” Bagbin stressed, calling for multilateralism and multi-stakeholder partnerships, highlighting the crucial role parliaments play in shaping international relations and promoting stability.

The conference theme, “Parliamentary Diplomacy: Building Bridges for Peace and Understanding,” resonated throughout the speech. Bagbin underscored the importance of open communication and dialogue in bridging divides and fostering collaboration.

The emergence of new forms of diplomacy, with parliamentary diplomacy being a prime example, reflects the changing landscape of international relations. The Rt. Hon. Speaker acknowledged the need for a balance between upholding universal values and respecting cultural diversity.

Speaker Bagbin addressing IPU

Ghana’s call for stronger parliamentary diplomacy comes at a critical time. As the world grapples with complex challenges, collaboration and dialogue are essential for finding common ground and building a more peaceful future.

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