Ghanaians have been advised make concerted effort in dealing with ‘the killer Syndrome’ that has suddenly engulfed the Ghana society.

Delivering his Easter message to the church and nation on the theme: “Let Peace Reign”, at the Apostolic Church – Ghana, Calvary District at Madina on Good Friday, Apostle Peter Okoe Mankralo former President of the Apostolic Church-Ghana said the Ghanaian society is sadly becoming a killing society; thus, killers of dreams and visions, killers of good ideas and national policies, killers of future leaders of beauty and serene atmosphere through littering, killers of good work ethics through glorified laziness among others.

According to him, selfishness has become the underlining cause for this unfortunate killing syndrome as people prioritize their political parties, personal gains to the good of the entire society thereby indulging in actions that do not promote national development.

He said instead, efforts should be made to develop the ‘Keeper Syndrome’ underlined by caring, preserving, sustaining and helping one another in spite of differences in ideology, religion, tribe , race colour or political affiliations.

As such, he asserts that it would be in our collective interest as a country to have a paradigm shift from a ‘killing society’ to a ‘keeping society.’ …As we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, may we crucify selfishness, and for that matter all forms of evil in our hearts . May we turn to Him, who has power to change hearts so we become our brothers’ keeper and not his killer as stated in the bible”.

He reminded all and sundry that the country can only progress in a serene atmosphere of peace and tranquility, adding that though conditions may seem unfavourable with hard work we would break through as God is always with us.

Apostle Peter Okoe Mankralo urged Christians to work in harmony to receive God’s blessings. He said while we look forward to a better and bright future, it is important that we make concerted effort to pursue and preserve the existing peace irrespective of our political, religious, social and economic differences.
“This we must do through prayer, lawful conduct, seasoned speech, especially as we go to the poll in December 2024”. Ghana, he said must remain the shining example of democracy to all and the beacon of hope for Africa”.

He called on the media to effectively and fairly collaborate with all actors to serve the public to ensure democracy triumph.

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