The Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, has emphasized the significance of the newly formed Economy Committee in Parliament, stating that it will be the most important committee.

He justified the appointment of Kwaku Kwarteng, the Obuasi East lawmaker, as Majority caucus spokesperson on the new committee.

This means, Kwarteng will be transitioning from his role as the chair of the Finance Committee.

In his announcement while presenting the business statement for the upcoming week, Afenyo-Markin challenged the opposition to name their spokesperson on the economy.

He highlighted the proactive steps being taken by the Majority, asserting that Hon. Kwaku Kwarteng will directly challenge the opposition’s spokesperson, Isaac Adongo, on economic matters.

“I am letting them [Minority] know some of the proactive steps we have taken on this side of the House to throw a serious challenge. It is not just about governance.

“We have a new Economy Committee, and it is going to be the most important committee in this House,” Afenyo-Markin declared.


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