ExpressNewsGhana.com vision is to be an authoritative source of trust and reliable news and information from all aspects of society. We shall strive to be on top of our mandate and remain the unconventional choice for timely, reliable, credible and authoritative information. We shall dare to be Objective, Balance, Accurate and Factual with our news stories and we shall deliver timely. We aim to deliver everything news to sustain the trust of our clientele.

• To remain the most trustworthy and credible news source for other major media outlets in Ghana, African continent and beyond.
• To serves as a forum for cooperation and exchanging of information.
• To receive and process daily news and reports from across the world and appropriately distribute for public consumption.
• To expose faces behind corrupt deals in governments, highlight human right abusive issues and the bad attitudes of politicians and public officials who don’t have conscience.

Our values are Trust, Reliable and Timely

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