The Member of Parliament for Tempane constituency in the Upper East Region, Hon Lydia Lamisi Akanvariba has restated her commitment to ensuring that many youths across the constituency receive skills training as part of her social intervention policies to equip them to start their own business.

She made the comment after she had donated several sewing machines to the youth in the constituency for their skill training in Tailoring and other fashion design entrepreneurship.

In addition to that, Hon Lamisi is paying GHS600.00 as Master trainee fees for each youth member in the skill training.

According to her, interested youth only need to register within their electoral area or a community accessible and available professional Tailors free of charge and enrolled for the training.

Hon Lamisi Akanvariba told EXPRESSNEWSGHANA, in parliament, the ultimate aim is to equip the youths in the Constituency with skills for self-employment and urged the beneficiaries not to only focus on formal jobs but also consider starting smaller businesses and employ others.

She said one of the major challenges facing the constituency is youth unemployment, hence the need for skill training for the youth free of charge to acquire skills and become independent and masters on their own.

She however challenged the youth, especially the young girls to take the training seriously, adding that it would make them economically self-reliance, reduce poverty and as well help them to contribute to development in their communities.


The MP who is a member of the Poverty Reduction Strategy and  Communication Committees of Parliament said the current state of the country’s economy is not stable and youths must not select jobs but take advantage of available opportunities.

Hon Lamisi said, so far, over 200 youth have enrolled and the number kept increasing and called on parents and other stakeholders to support the initiative to help bridge the gap of development between the constituency and others in the region.

She noted that she remained committed to the needs of the constituents and would also continue to extend education support to needy but brilliant children in the constituency and as well sponsor students for other professional education.

By so doing, the MP said students especially those who hail from the constituency would be motivated to study hard which in a way also helps to improve the standard of education in the constituency.

Hon Lamisi has been engaging her constituents in durbar and town Hall meetings explaining her policies and her work in parliament.

Through hard work and lobbying, she has brought many development programs and projects for the constituency and promised to work to justify the confidence reposed in her in the 2020 general election and called for more support to deliver.

Some of the skill training beneficiaries and their parents expressed gratitude to the MP for the initiative and support as it would in the near future relieve most of them from abject poverty and economic hardship as it minimizes dependency and unemployment.







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